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Breath Systems

Breath systems help fight halitosis completely and effectively with products such as toothpaste, mouth rinse, oral spray, and tongue scrapers.

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Breath-Rx for Bad Breath

Start fighting bad breath today! The Breath Rx Starter Kit includes all 4 essential components. Details >>


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BreathRx System Starter Kit (4 items) Start fighting bad breath today!

Breath Rx Total Breath Management Solution. Includes all the products necessary for professional breath control - tongue scrapers- mouth rinse- tongue spray- toothpaste. (1 kit)

1 kit $27.77 $24.99

CloSYS 1 Month Pack 30 Day Supply of your favorite CloSYS products

The One Month Fluoride-Free Kit is designed to provide a One Month supply of the dentist-recommended CloSYS Complete Oral Health System. Includes Fluoride-Free Toothpaste (3.4oz), Oral Rinse (32oz), Breath Spray, Toothbrush, & Tongue Scraper.

1 kit $33.32 $29.99

CloSYS Starter Kit Intro Kit - Toothpaste + Oral Rinse

The Intro Kits provides 2 week supply of the CloSYS Toothpaste (3.5oz) and Oral Rinse (16oz).

1 Kit $27.77 $24.99