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No one likes the smell of dog breath, but keeping your pet's mouth healthy and clean can be hard without the right tools.

To make this daunting task easier, try some of our pet specific toothbrushes, toothpastes, breath sprays, and more.

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Kissable Breath Foam 8oz

Help fight plaque build-up and promote fresher breath with Kissable All-Natural Fresh Breath Foam. Details >>


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KissAble Dental Wipes Clean dog's teeth without brushing

KissAble Dog Dental Wipes help to reduce plaque and gingivitis and are a great alternative for dogs that resist brushing. The all natural ingredients are not only safe for dogs and other pets, but people too. (50ct)

50 ct $14.43 $12.99

KissAble Dog Toothbrush Cleans all 3 sides of dog's teeth in one motion

The KissAble Dog Toothbrush has a unique 3-sided brush head that allows you to clean all three sides of your dog's teeth at once. The brush utilizes firm bristles to scrub away plaque and soft bristles to massage the gums and aid in the prevention of gum disease. (1 brush)

1 Toothbrush $9.99 $8.99

KissAble Dog Toothpaste All natural formula to clean dog's teeth

KissAble Dog Toothpaste is all natural and completely safe to use on your dog. Its vanilla flavored formula contains tea tree oil to help fight plaque and is naturally sweetened with Stevia. (74ml)

2.5 oz $13.32 $11.99

KissAble Dog Toothpaste and Toothbrush Combo An all-natural way to a healthier mouth

The KissAble Dog Toothpaste and Toothbrush Combo includes an all natural vanilla flavored toothpaste to fight plaque and polish teeth, and a toothbrush with a 3-sided head that allows you to clean all three sides of your dog's teeth at once. (74ml paste & 1 brush)

2 Items $16.66 $14.99

Kissable Finger Toothbrush Cleans and removes tartar from dogs teeth

The Kissable Finger Toothbrush is designed to gently clean dogs' teeth and help remove tartar. The finger brushes are both antibacterial and antimicrobial and are ideal for dogs that either resist brushing or have small mouths. (5 brushes)

5 brushes $8.88 $7.99

Kissable Instant Fresh Breath Foam Promotes instant & longer lasting fresh breath

Kissable All-Natural Instant Fresh Breath Foam unites the deodorizing powers of peppermint and baking soda with the anti-bacterial benefits of aloe vera to help support improved oral health and fresher breath for dogs. Sweet mint flavor. (237 mL)

8 fl oz $13.32 $11.99

Kissable Oral Care Water Additive Freshens breath and loosens plaque build-up without a toothbrush

Kissable All-Natural Oral Care Water Additive is designed to freshen breath and help fight plaque and tartar build-up while pets drink from their water bowl. There is no brushing required, simply add a capful of the liquid to pet's water bowl each time it is refilled. (473 mL)

16 fl oz $16.66 $14.99

KissAble Probiotic Anti-Plaque Spray One spray a day helps keep dog breath away

KissAble Probiotic Anti Plaque Spray helps to freshen breath and prevent damage to teeth by replenishing the good bacteria that live in a dog's mouth and eliminating the bad bacteria that cause plaque, gum disease, bad breath, and infections. (118ml)

4 fl oz $19.99 $17.99

TropiClean Fresh Breath Advanced Whitening Gel Whitens dogs' teeth and removes plaque and tartar

TropiClean Advanced Whitening Gel promotes whiter teeth for pets without the need to brush. Its formula contains TropiClean's 3DMicroGuard formula that is designed to gently dissolve plaque and tartar, defend against new formation, and destroy bad breath. Also includes one bottle of TropiClean Fresh Breath Drops.

4 fl oz $22.21 $19.99

TropiClean Fresh Breath Oral Care Spray - Vanilla Mint Instantly freshens dogs' breath

TropiClean Oral Care Spray for dogs is designed to quickly freshen breath while supporting a brighter smile. The spray begins to work instantly and there is no brushing required. Vanilla mint flavor.

4 fl oz $12.21 $10.99