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Kids Toothbrushes

There's no denying kids are different than adults. That's why they deserve their own toothbrushes.

These brushes are smaller to fit in their mouths better, and come in fun designs they'll love. Find the right brush for your child - from toddler sized for babies, to youth sizes for children.

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Infant Safety Toothbrush

Innovative designed toothbrush is ideal for the introduction of dental care to infants and toddlers Details >>


Image Brand Name & Description Size Price Cart
Butler GUM Parent's Toothbrush Helps brush your child's first teeth

Designed with a long handle to help parents brush their toddler's teeth. Cushioned gum bumper along the edge of the brush head helps to prevent gum irritation.

1 brush $5.54 $4.99

Crest Kids Sesame Street Toothbrush Sesame Street makes brushing fun!

Soft bristles are designed to gently clean small teeth. The handle design provides easy maneuverability for little hands.

1 brush $6.10 $5.49

Dr. Fresh Firefly Angry Birds Light Up Timer Toothbrush Helps make brushing more fun

The Firefly Angry Birds Light Up Timer Toothbrush from Dr. Fresh is designed to help children develop good brushing habits at an early age by encouraging them to brush for the dentist recommended two minutes. It features a kid-size brush head, soft bristles, flashing 60 second timer, and suction cup stand on the bottom for convenience.

1 brush $6.66 $5.99

Dr. Fresh Float N Firefly Toothbrush Step 2 Promotes healthy oral hygiene in kids!

Float N FireFly's Light-up Timer Toothbrush promotes children's compliance to proper brushing habits. Its flashing light timer and themed character keeps kids entertained while letting them know how long to brush.

1 brush $7.77 $6.99

Preventive-Dental Infant-Toddler Safety Toothbrush Ideal for babies and newborns

Infant-Toddler Safety toothbrushes are made specifically for the safe introduction of dental care for young children.

1 brush $6.66 $5.99

Preventive-Dental Infant-Toddler Toothcare Training Kit Introduce dental care to your baby

The Toothcare Training Kit contains products made specifically for the safe introduction of dental care to infants and young children.

1 Kit $9.99 $8.99

Spinbrush Globrush Battery Powered Toothbrush Encourages longer, better brushing

Spinbrush Globrush from Arm & Hammer is a battery powered toothbrush designed to help remove plaque and tartar with the use of its micro-pulsing bristles. The Globrush features a light-up two minute timer that changes color every 30 seconds to promote brushing all areas of the mouth evenly.

1 brush $13.32 $11.99

Spinbrush Kids Battery Powered Toothbrush More great brushes kids love!

Proven to help kids brush 38% longer. Featuring popular licensed characters, including Spider-Man®, Pokémon® and Thomas & Friends™ plus others.

1 brush $11.10 $9.99