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Branam focuses on maintaining a balance of natural purity and proven performance in oral care products for children and babies. By avoiding the use of artificial additives and harsh chemicals, their products keep your children healthy and safe.

Kids Oral Care

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Branam Ortho-Gibby Pacifier Prevents bacteria and promotes oral development

Branam's Ortho-Gibby is a pacifier that helps keep babies happy and healthy. The patented design supports healthy tooth and jaw development for children 2 and under. Recommended by pediatric dentists.

2 pacifiers $16.66 $14.99

Kids Toothpaste

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Branam All-Natural Tooth Gel for Babies CLEARANCE ITEM Clearance: All Natural Formula is Baby & Child Safe

Expiration Date Sale - Branam Tooth Gel for Babies is a great way to safely keep your baby's mouth healthy and clean without fluoride or SLS. Specially formulated for toddlers and children under 4 to protect gums, clean teeth, and remove plaque. (CLEARANCE ITEM: All sales final) (Expired: Less than 9 months)

5.0 oz $11.10 $9.99

Branam Natural Toothpaste for Kids CLEARANCE ITEM Clearance: Natural Ingredients - Safe for Children

Expiration Date Sale - Branam's Natural Toothpaste for Kids is a safe and effective way to brighten your child's smile. With no fluoride or SLS detergent, it will keep their teeth clean and healthy without the worry of swallowing. (Ages 4+) (CLEARANCE ITEM: All sales final) (Expired: Less than 60 days)

5.0 oz $11.10 $9.99