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DentistRx Intelisonic Brush Heads Tri-Peak bristles to remove plaque and tartar

DentistRx InteliSonic Brush Heads feature Tri-Peak bristles designed to remove plaque, promote improved gum health, and help naturally whiten the appearance of teeth. They are specifically designed to be used with the InteliSonic toothbrush. (2 heads)

2 heads $19.99 $17.99

DentistRx Intelisonic Sonic Toothbrush & UV Sanitizer Cleans with 31,000 brush strokes per minute

The InteliSonic Toothbrush from DentistRx utilizes sonic technology designed to provide a deep cleaning experience to help improve overall gum health, naturally whiten teeth, and freshen breath with regular daily use.

1 brush $104.99 $94.49

DentistRx Revolation Everyday Brush Head For daily overall tooth cleaning

The DentistRx Revolation Everyday Replacement Brush Head features a unique hollow tip design for removing stains and cleaning teeth above and along the gum line. Designed to be used with the DentistRx Revolation Revolving 360 Toothbrush. (1 brush head)

1 head $18.32 $16.49

DentistRx Revolation Ortho Brush Head Replacement head for cleaning around orthodontics

The DentistRx Ortho Replacement Brush Head is specifically designed for effectively cleaning the difficult to reach areas of teeth around braces, brackets, wires, and other orthodontics. Intended for use with the DentistRx Revolation Revolving 360 Toothbrush. (1 brush head)

1 head $18.32 $16.49

DentistRx Revolation Perio Brush Head Cleans between teeth and around periodontal pockets

The DentistRx Revolation Perio Brush Head Refill utilizes extended bristles to reach between teeth and below the gum line to facilitate plaque removal and help prevent tooth decay. (1 brush head)

1 head $18.32 $16.49

DentistRx Revolation Revolving 360 Toothbrush & UV Sanitizer Rotating technology for effective plaque removal

The Revolation Revolving Toothbrush from DentistRx uses 360 degree revolving technology to provide a continuous spinning and sweeping motion to clean teeth and help remove plaque, tartar and food debris. It includes three different brush heads designed for diverse oral care needs.

1 brush $104.99 $94.49